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In Grand Rapids, Michigan in the winter of 2016, the creator of Smart Santa was walking and observing people in Woodland Mall. He was impressed with all the rich Holiday Spirit that was displayed in the Grand Rapids Mall. Well, just rereading Simple Rich and Compassionate Capitalism books by a historic Grand Rapids Entrepreneur, he took a break from reading and learning to observe the atmosphere and people in the Grand Rapids Mall. He noticed 3 Moms with 9 totally different children faces light up like Rudolph the Red noise Reindeer! When they first got a glimpse of that mall Santa wearing a big red suite and fake white beard. He could almost feel the excitement from the children just staring at the Mall Santa about 30 yards away! After observing the moms and children just hanging out to just look at the mall Santa, but never actually going in the mall Santa line. The Smart Santa creator went up to the moms and asked them why are you not getting in the mall Santa line? A few of their reasons why hit Smart Santa pretty hard in the heart and that was the day the Smart Santa creator started to dream of a different way! There has got to be a different way. Do you know where the company that runs the Woodland Mall Santa photos is based out of? I was told New Jersey. So, we thought there has to be a different way to create a different Santa experience based out of our city in Grand Rapids, Michigan. So hopefully some holiday season in the near future, thousands of Grand Rapids kids and their families never have to experience what those the three moms and kids had to experience that day in a Grand Rapids Mall.

The creator of Smart Santa does have a degree from GVSU. Unfortunately, there is only a select few schools in the world that can teach people how to be the best Santa they can possible be to use their God given talents and skills, to spread the spirit, of peace, love, and Joy. Which is, and always will be the main Mission of Smart Santa! With specialized, personalized help from our Smart Elves of course. In the Fall of 2017 the Smart Santa creator enrolled in Santa School. Yes, there is a Santa School. He won the most spirited award and was given a legendary beard once worn by CW Howard – the man that help shape the Idea to bring Santa’s into Malls and the Macy department stores and major parades. Smart Santa is super honored to use this legendary real haired beard to help create many new memories for kids and families around Grand Rapids!! He also attended the Saint Nick Institute on how to become the best Saint Nick as well! He and his Saint Nicks helpers can offer your child an experience and education in a very creative way on what the original Santa Clause is. This St. Nicks experience fits in really well with many Grand Rapids Christian schools and churches belief structures in Grand Rapids

After graduating and attending both Santa School and St. Nick institution In 2017, we incorporated this fun seasonal operation as West Michigan Winter Wonder Worker. In November 2017, on the same day our creator launched West Michigan Winter Wonder Worker, he became a Godfather for the first time at his nieces Baptism at 11 am that Saturday in Rockford, Michigan. Then by 3 pm that same day in Muskegon, he did his first ever event for the city from 3-5pm. The second event that day was at Hackley Park in with Mayor Steve at 7pm. There was a wedding proposal that occurred on stage in which Mayor Steve put our Santa and Miss Claus (actual mom of Santa) on stage and handed them the Key to the City of Muskegon. They lit up their Large Christmas tree for the first time in years and started to light up Muskegon children’s hearts and minds with our personalized Santa service! In 2017 we did a couple fun events like Family Promise which is a place for homeless families to go to. Did this at no cost financially to the nonprofit or homeless families. As well as a Grand Rapids Drive Basketball game, at no financial cost to the Grand Rapids Drive organization in 2017.

In 2018 we switched and trademarked our name from West Michigan Winter Wonder Worker to Smart Santa. We launched our website in the middle of November 2018. Ordered Business cards for first time and are looking forward to spreading the Spirit of Peace, Love, and Joy specifically to events located only in the Greater Grand Rapids area. Mainly because we all live in Grand Rapids and are from Grand Rapids. Our Smart elves come from a local high school drama class in Grand Rapids(the same public school system that our Santa attended in early 2000s) We plan and hope to create Magical Mobile Memories at any home in Greater Grand Rapids area, As well as provide the personalized free smart Santa experience for free to several kids at of our local business we will be partnering up at various Local Business around Grand Rapids. We have joined Local First to be promoted and provide value to a select few of their Local Business in their network! We continue to learn, Grow, and Score with two Grand Rapids non-profits with one being grow organization to help grow this fun seasonal business.


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